Ngā Tohutohu

Written by Justin Rogers

Te Reo Māori Level 1
Relevant Achievement Objective:
1.5 Communicate about location

1.7 use and respond to simple classroom language (including asking for the word to express something in te reo Māori).

An Online Kapa Haka original, written by our very own Justin! Learn everyday commands in Te Reo like ‘Line up outside’, ‘Go and get your computers’ and ‘We’re going to the library’- and heaps more!

Ngā Tohutohu    Commands

Me rārangi atu ki waho = Line up outside

Me noho ki te whāriki = Sit on the mat

Titiro ki te papamā = Look at the white board

kina ō rorohiko = Get your computers

Mahia tō mahi = Do your work 

Ka haere tātou ki te tari = We’ll go to the office

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