Our mission is to get Kapa Haka and Te Reo Māori consistently in every classroom by empowering any teacher with a large toolkit of interactive and entertaining lessons and resources.


  • Empowering any teacher to share this knowledge
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Easy to integrate into any lesson plan
  • Simple and easy layout
  • Everything broken down so teachers and students can move at their own pace


  • We ensure our lessons are correct and accurate
  • We constantly improve our lessons
  • We do more of what works for you
  • Using the best technology to bring lessons direct to you


  • We get students moving and following along
  • We encourage playful learning
  • We create entertaining lessons
  • We embrace trying and failing as part of the process
  • We entertain in order to educate

Curriculum aligned

  • Learning Te Reo Māori through the vehicle of Kapa Haka
  • Aligned with the 5 Key Competencies
  • Fostering students with ownership over Aotearoa as a multi-cultural nation
  • Developing confident young learners
  • Model positive role models in our tutors
  • Explicit learning process in practice

Contextual Learning

  • Understand the meaning of the songs
  • Connecting to the wider cultural context
  • Contextual understanding of the Māori language and protocols
  • Real world applications of Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga

Key Competency alignment

Young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Creating pathways for students to make sense of Te Ao Māori, the relevant learning and key ideas. Engaging body and mind simultaneously to address multiple learning strategies. Fostering curiosity about the content by engaging each student. Through call and response, movement, entertainment, quizzes and other tools students are led to make sense of the learning while the translations help contextualise the songs.

Relating to others
The ‘kapa’ in kapa haka means group. The idea and practice of moving in sync with others, of being aware, in rhythm and working together with other students at varying capabilities.
Spotlighting the the concept of culture and diversity through the lens of the Māori culture, and what it means to live in multicultural Aotearoa. To feel ownership of ones own culture by connecting with another

Using language, symbols, and texts
Encouraging a working knowledge of Te Reo Māori, a relationship to the sounds and meanings. By reading and repeating the words on screen and by encouraging a contextual understanding of the language and words. Building the idea of movement and metaphor as language. Working with ‘song as text and story’, making sense of the ‘storytelling song’ form as a history book. Engaging with the different ways ideas are passed down the generations.

Managing self
To foster learners who are in touch with their own trajectory and who are aware of their own limits and capabilities. The flexibility to progress alongside other students. Building opportunities to lead and also to be lead. ‘Gamifiying’ the challenge of co-ordination in warm up games and action songs. Encouraging the performative aspect aspect of kapa haka to build confidence and risk taking resilience. Tutors who are role models of positivity, fun and who encourage stepping out of your comfort zone.

Participating and contributing
Kapa haka serves a function of connecting, of celebrating and marking moments collectively as a community. Wether pōwhiri or performance, kapa haka has the ability to bring large groups together. The lessons enlist the participation of all who watch, encouraging the participation of teachers. Learning about the roles that exist in kapa haka, stepping up to those roles and supporting those less confident to do the same. Creating a learning environment built on fun, inclusiveness, giving it a go and coming together as a ‘kapa’ or group.

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