How to use this site

Step 1- Select a module type

Choose from a range of module types! 

Get ready with a Warm up,  get moving with an Action Song, sing sweetly with a Waiata or get fierce with a Haka.


Step 2- Select a song module

Chose from a range of modules to learn a complete song- from beginning to end at your own speed.

Step 3- Learn step by step

Each module breaks the song down into seperate bite sized lessons so you can:

Learn the words 

Learn the tune 

Learn the actions (when applicable)

Each module also includes a “sing along” instrumental video so you can follow along with the actions and the words- think kapa haka karaoke! 

Each module has a full performance and sing through version so you can get a sense of the song put together

You can even add a lesson to your very own favourites page to keep coming back to it with ease!

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